The Reading Network Update

Donna Stewart, reading tutoring

The Reading Network Inc. has undergone a major transformation in the past few months! In fact, it has been reborn. Going forward, I am the sole owner of a new entity:  The Reading Network. I provide tutoring in reading and writing to meet a variety of student learning needs. Services are provided either online using high-quality […]

When Should I Get a Tutor for Reading?

Reading Problems

Sometimes parents are very uncertain of the signs of reading difficulties, and when to reach out for extra help. You may get mixed messages about your child’s progress from friends, relatives, or sometimes even teachers. You may hear comments like, “Relax, it will come!” and “He’s a boy, they start to read later,” or “Leave […]

10 Ways to Prime that Reading Pump for School!

Priming the reading pump

Have the reading routines in your household become a little inconsistent over the summer? It happens! Changes in routines, holidays, and visitors, are all part of the summer fun. If this describes your family, here are 10 things you can do with your children to get the wheels turning and so they don’t feel quite […]