Privacy Policy

Date: January 31, 2013

Subj: Corporate Privacy Policy

Rev:  Original


The Reading Network Inc. is dedicated to protecting the personal information with which we are entrusted. To ensure that all information provided to us by our clients and staff is held in the strictest confidence, and to meet or exceed all requirements of the Privacy Act, this policy has been written and will be strictly maintained and enforced. A copy of this policy is posted at our corporate offices and is available for review at any time upon request.

Privacy Officer

The Reading Network Inc. has a Privacy Officer who is responsible for overall privacy governance. The Privacy Officer can be reached by making a request to

What Information We May Collect

Most company employee information is collected directly from the employee as part of the standard hiring process. Most client information is collected directly from the client at the beginning of the company-client relationship. When a client requests our services we will ask only for information necessary and pertinent to our providing those services requested and may include both personal and/or credit card information of the parent or the child. Typical information would include:

  1. Information establishing your identity and that of your child.
  2. Information regarding your child that is essential to designing the best possible program for your child.
  3. Credit card information necessary for the on-line payment of services provided to you.
  4. Standard and emergency contact information.

Providing us with your information is always your choice. Each question we ask you has a purpose. Please feel free to ask the purpose for or the reasoning behind a question at any time.

Sharing your Information with Third Parties

The Reading Network Inc. will never share a client’s personal information with any outside person or entity with two exceptions:

  1. When compelled by a court order.
  2. When the client provides The Reading Network Inc. with a signed and dated release detailing the specific information that may be released and the person or entity to whom the specified information is to be provided.

Keeping All Information Current

We do our best to maintain correct information about you and your child. It is very important that you promptly inform us of any changes to that information. Call us any time to update or verify your information.

Security is a Two-Way Street

The Reading Network uses up to date technology to keep all information secure. It is critical that you as a client do the same. The chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We recommend the following:

  1. Create secure passwords. Every password should have at least eight positions and include at least one upper case letter, one two-digit or greater number and one keyboard character other than a letter or a number.
  2. Make certain the computer software firewall is ON.
  3. Install and maintain an anti-virus program which you update at least once a week. Run a full scan weekly.
  4. Install and maintain an anti-spyware program. “Anti-Malware Bytes Free” works nicely. Update and run a full scan weekly.
  5. Always log off the program when you are finished. Then log off the computer itself.
  6. Never send confidential information by standard email. Call it in.